The University of Missouri Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency program has 12 outstanding residents. Residents work side by side with attending physicians on the traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and amputee rehabilitation inpatient rotations. They learn to make important differential diagnosis and management decisions.

Residents become skilled at communicating among the various disciplines of rehabilitation. Skills are further honed on senior rotations at the Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital, where they learn independence in the outpatient clinics and EMG/NCS rotations. Residents further blend their knowledge doing consultations at University Hospital, where they may see patients within days, sometimes hours, of a patient’s illness or injury.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents become adept at educating patients, patients' families and acute medical care teams about rehabilitation needs for patient care. Our goal is always to provide world-class rehabilitative care to patients and their families in the best environment possible.

Model Rotation Schedule PGY2 PGY3 PGY4
Inpatient 10 months 1 months 1 months
Outpatient 2 months 4 months 4 months
Pediatrics 2 months
EMG 3 months 3 months
Elective 3 months
Consults 2 months 1 months

Our Program is a Family

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents have quality home lives. Many have new families of their own and are able to see them every day. Our residents take inpatient call from home.

We like to see our program as a family within itself, flexible to meet the demands life throws at us. We facilitate this standard by respecting each other and listening to new ideas and concerns, whether it comes from a PGY2 resident or the Chairman.

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Residency training at MU