Our vision for the Department of Emergency Medicine is to serve as a model of excellence by creating a safe haven where training the next generation of physicians and physician assistants takes place in an environment of scholarly inquiry.

We deliver exceptional patient-centered care with compassion, timeliness, dignity and a driving commitment to honor the individual and the human spirit. Our intention is to combine the latest science and technology with an ever-present awareness of the value of the human touch as a power for healing.

The diversity mission of the Emergency Medicine department is to provide an environment of differing genders, racial-ethnic backgrounds, languages, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, national and geographical origins, socio-economic class, veterans’ status and political views in an effort to achieve greater knowledge, understanding, acceptance and mutual respect for our patients, learners, faculty and staff.

The Department of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to providing high-quality emergency care for patients, offering exceptional educational experiences for residents and students, and continually pursuing knowledge and scholarship. We provide state-of-the-art care with more than 80,000 patient visits annually at two locations.


University Hospital is home to the Frank L. Mitchell Jr., MD, Trauma Center, central Missouri's only American College of Surgeons-verified Level I trauma center. The hospital is a certified Level I stroke and STEMI center and an active tertiary care referral center, providing physicians with a wide variety of patients to treat. The University Hospital emergency department averages more than 80,000 visits per year.

MU Health Care is in the process of building a brand-new Children's Hospital adjacent to University Hospital, home to a full-functioning high pediatric volume emergency department, as well as a specialized transport team equipped and dedicated exclusively to transporting infants and children.

Residents are involved in the department's multiple sections: EMS, medical education and research, ultrasound, administration, simulation and pediatric emergency medicine. Fellowships are available for administration, education and sports medicine

It's an exciting time of expansion for MU Health, which is building a strong and diverse faculty and staff to support both excellence in clinical care and academics.

Emergency Medicine Residents

Residency Program

Our faculty share a common goal — to maximize your training opportunities and education over the 36 months we are together in order to make you a successful emergency medicine physician, wherever you may practice.

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