Our Emergency Medicine residents will experience a longitudinal EMS curriculum. This begins early in residency with ground ambulance shifts and 911 dispatching exposure in order to familiarize residents with the inner workings of an EMS system.


In the PGY3 year, residents will provide direct medical control. We also offer event medicine exposure and EMS education opportunities.

The goal of the resident EMS education program is to enable graduating Emergency Medicine physicians to interact with EMS in their systems or be prepared to pursue advanced training through an EMS fellowship. The objectives of the rotation will be: to demonstrate effective communication with patients, their families and professional colleagues; perform an evidence-based review of one of the EMS system treatment protocols; learn the basic resources available for the out-of-hospital care of the patient; develop an understanding and familiarity with online medical control and base station operation; and develop a presentation for the EMS providers.

Finally, residents will become familiar with disaster management and regional disaster preparedness. There will be opportunities to fly as part of aeromedical flight crew.