PARTNORS Collaboration Request Process

One objective of the PARTNORS program is for researchers to collaborate with the Patient Advisor Team and use the team’s input and insight to enhance their research. To accomplish this objective, our researchers complete and submit a collaboration request form. The Administrative Team will review the requests and arrange time for researchers to collaborate with the Patient Advisor Team.

Collaboration requests can relate to any research activity our researchers feel will benefit from patient input and insight. Examples include the following:

  • Recruitment ideas.
  • Significance insight.
  • Feasibility and participant burden.
  • Readability and understandability of forms, surveys and interview questions.
  • Input related to analysis.
  • Novel opportunities to share research findings.

Submit a Collaboration Request

Why Should I Engage Patients in Health Research?

Like the patient-centered movement that requires health care delivery to accommodate patients’ active engagement, an emphasis on patient engagement in research is emerging. Many funding bodies, peer-reviewed journals and research ethics committees now require researchers to describe their plans for engaging patients in their research. Researchers benefit from engaging patients in research through:

  • Improved quality of research design.
  • Increased enrollment and decreased attrition.
  • Stronger rapport with patient communities.
  • Better insight into research gaps and priorities.

Articles about Patient Engagement in Health Research

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