The PARTNORS Patient Advisor Team includes 12 diverse individuals, including 10 patient partners who are at least 45-years-old and have a lived-experience of advanced knee problems and 2 caregivers (e.g., family or friend caregiver of patient).

Currently, we are not accepting applications for the Patient Advisor Team.

PARTNORS Advisory Team graphic

Responsibilities of Patient Advisor Team Members

  • Attend one to two virtual group meetings per month.
  • View educational modules to learn about patient-centered research, how the research process works, and how you can be an effective partner.
  • Participate in activities to help define patient-centered research priorities for biologic and artificial knee surgery research.
  • Contribute to broader dissemination of the research occurring at MOI.
  • Provide a total time commitment of about 40 hours per year.

Benefits of Being on the Patient Advisor Team

  • Contribute to research that will assist patients in making important decisions about their care.
  • Gain knowledge about research fundamentals.
  • Influence the questions that are explored and researched.
  • Receive financial compensation (approximately $50/hour) for your time and contribution.

Image of Sandi Strother"I received my first traditional knee replacement at the age of 51 after years of suffering with arthritis and bone-on-bone pain. I received my second at the age of 55. It’s true that no two knee replacements are the same. My experiences will provide insight into research taking place at MOI."

- Sandi Strother, Patient Partner and PARTNORS Leader


Image of Matt Trachsel I have already had eight knee surgeries since age 11, including my biologic joint. My experience with a wide range of procedures will help further research advances at MOI and in the orthopaedic field.


- Matt Trachsel, Patient Partner and PARTNORS Leader