The Clinical Research & Trial Support Office (CRTSO) is comprised of professionals who support University of Missouri staff and faculty who are carrying out clinical research and trials. The CRTSO is housed within the Department of Medical Research. The purpose of the CRTSO is to support high quality, ethical, compliant, and cutting-edge clinical research and clinical trials being conducted within the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri.

What Services can the CRTSO Provide?

Clinical Research/Trial Industry Finance

  • Industry sponsored clinical research/trial budget building, department budget collaboration and review,justification explanation assistance to sponsor, sponsor budget negotiations.
    Contact: UMHS SOM Clinical Trials Proposals
  • Industry sponsored clinical research/trial budget reconciliation assistance and collaboration.
    Contact: UMHS SOM Clinical Trials Post Award

Coverage Analysis

Internal Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance Reviews and Quality Assurance

  • Internal monitoring, along with regulatory education and training to increase compliance, quality and efficacy in clinical research
  • Contact: MU SOM CRC Regulatory Compliance Administration, Feasibility and Start-Up Assistance, External Monitor Access Process for Medical Records

Clinical Research Recruitment Assistance and Participant Registry for Research and Recruitment Core

Investigational New Drug (IND) and Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Assistance:

  • Assistance with Investigational New Drug and Investigational Device Exemptions with FDA
  • Contact: MU SOM IND and IDE

Clinical Research & Trial Support Office (CRTSO) and Clinical & Translational Science Unit (CTSU)

The Clinical Research & Trial Support Office (CRTSO) collaborates with the Clinical & Translational Science Unit (CTSU) to provide cost-effective, high quality and compliant services to investigators and research staff to facilitate clinical and translational research from study start-up through study close-out.

The University of Missouri CTSU and CRTSO join scientific discovery with patient care by supporting research participants, participants who are also patients, healthy volunteers, clinical research and trial staff and researchers to create a cutting-edge team of experts. Clinical research projects and clinical trials that are carefully designed to answer questions about human health, recovery and prevention and the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments for illness and injuries.

These treatments studied could be drugs, devices, types of exercise, nutritional regimens, or mental health therapies. The studies may test new treatments or compare existing treatments to determine which works best. The University of Missouri has more than 500 clinical trials in the process of improving health and quality of life.

Clinical & Translational Science Unit (CTSU)

The CTSU is comprised of two wings (east and west) and offers full clinical research trial and study coordination services, assistance with clinical research procedures or components of a project, clinical research space to conduct studies, research specific laboratory specimen collection and processing for central lab, data collection, data entry and reporting, assistance with regulatory compliance and expertise and guidance for a successful conduction of clinical trials research. The dynamic offerings of each location (offered by one team) creates opportunities for existing core basic science and clinical science researchers, including drug and device development teams, to link with clinicians and patients and translate scientific discoveries into clinical applications through all phases of clinical trials.

The west unit is located on the fifth floor of MU’s University Hospital and School of Medicine and is ideally positioned to serve as a bridge between clinical medicine and biomedical science. The location is easily accessible by patients and volunteers, as well as scientists and clinicians throughout the University of Missouri’s schools, centers, and network of hospitals and clinics. The facility maintains all necessary features to facilitate clinical research programs, including inpatient rooms and facilities for overnight stays, ambulatory examination rooms, a laboratory for sample processing, a metabolic kitchen to support nutrition studies, a general laboratory, a DEXA machine, and various meeting and study workspaces.

The east unit is located on the third floor of MU’s Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building. It offers expanded services to include three procedure rooms, seven examination rooms, dedicated infusion bays, Vyntus Body pulmonary function equipment, CSMI Norm Isokinetic System, QMA Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment equipment, state-of-the-art exercise facility equipped with lockers and showers, laboratory space, dietetics and nutrition space, a DEXA machine, consultation rooms and a study team workspace.

The CTSU Team

The CTSU is comprised of a large team of clinical research professionals with vast experience in conducting clinical research projects and clinical trials, many of which hold national clinical research professional certifications. The team involved in carrying out clinical research activity includes five clinical research nurses, four clinical research coordinators, a clinical research lab technician, and two clinical research administrative professionals. In addition to coordinating clinical research projects and trials, the team collaborates with clinical research investigators and staff throughout the MU system to support our clinical research endeavors.