Radiology Residents

The Department of Radiology offers a dynamic elective program for medical students.

Beginning in their first year of Medical School, students have the opportunity to spend their time shadowing in the reading room with the attendings and residents. This is an active learning experience, as they look at cases independently, participate in readout, and ask questions.

Prior to the start of their second year, during the summer, the School of Medicine offers a Summer Research Fellowship Program. Students working with Radiology faculty have completed retrospective reviews which have resulted in poster and abstract presentations and/or publications in radiology or disease focused journals. Some students also have prepared focused educational resources for use by faculty, residents, fellows and other students.

In the third year, students have the option to start more dedicated radiology training by participating in a two-week intensive rotation in radiology. Students rotate through areas of radiology and observe the workflow. They also attend the daily medical student and resident conferences.

During their fourth year, medical students can choose to spend a four-week elective in the department of radiology. At the end of the general fourth year elective, students present to residents and other students about an interesting case seen during the course of the rotation.

In addition to the general fourth year elective, there is an advanced four-week elective available for students to spend a month with one on one advisement with a faculty radiologist. During their advanced rotation, students work on a QI project, case report, or retrospective chart review project. Students also have the option to take a four-week ABS Research course. During the course, students receive guidance from a Faculty member while working on a Research Proposal outside of the reading rooms.

For all four years of medical school, students are able to attend four daily conferences. Two are the resident conferences typically held at 7:45 am and noon each day and led by radiology faculty. The remaining conferences are specifically dedicated to teaching medical students, covers the basics of radiology, and may be led by residents, fellows, or faculty.

Each 3rd and 4th year medical student is loaned a copy of Essentials of Radiology by Fred Mettler at the beginning of their radiology rotation and has access to a plethora of materials both in the Radiology library and online. Medical student grades are based off of performance in the reading room, a final examination and a case presentation.

Radiology Residents on Research Day