The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Creative Services Team serves as an all-inclusive source for the visual and written needs of our faculty and trainees in their mission to share scientific knowledge.


Our highly skilled, certified medical illustrator brings your ideas to life through custom illustrations and animations for all of your visual needs. Whether you are publishing in a journal, submitting a grant application, giving a presentation, printing an academic poster, or sharing materials with your patients, our illustrator ensures that the illustrations are accurate, impart meaning to readers and are appropriately formatted.

Our experienced editors assist with editing and formatting manuscripts, grants and abstracts; surgical filming and photography; figure sizing and labeling; author copyright and disclosure forms; manuscript and presentation submissions to academic journals and professional conferences; and grant writing and application submission.


Stacy Turpin Cheavens, MS, Certified Medical Illustrator, works directly with faculty and staff to produce visual solutions to their storytelling needs. Look below to view samples of her work.

Curious about the process or ready to begin a project? Contact Stacy at or 573-884-5324. All images and animations are copyright protected. Please contact Stacy for questions regarding use.

New Techniques in Tendon Attachment

Infraspinatus fixation with suture anchor and osteocrete in the canine model

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Path of the Musculocutaneous Nerve

Case study of nerve palsy in a high school pitcher

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Link between Kidney Disease and Obesity

Cover illustration for Kidney International on obesity and kidney disease

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X-ray Drawings

Drawings that mimic X-rays send a strong message while maintaining HIPAA compliance

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Link between Kidney Disease and Diabetes

Cover image for the journal Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 

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Graft Placement

Placement of a graft to support an injured anterolateral ligament (ALL)

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Minimally Invasive Appendectomy

NOTES (natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) approach for appendectomy, published in European Surgery

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Dynamic Structure of Arterioles

The dynamic structure of arterioles, published in Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

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Vertebral Artery in the Upper Spine

Posterior approaches to the V3 segment of the vertebral artery, between C1 and C3

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Meniscus and Cartilage

Tissue-derived extracellular matrix bioscaffolds: emerging applications in cartilage and meniscus repair, published in Tissue Engineering Part B

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Integration of Bone and Graft

A histological look at ACL reconstruction using quadriceps tendon allograft

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Lengthening of the Lateral Retinaculum

Surgery used to alleviate lateral compression syndrome or patellofemoral disorders

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PCL Reconstruction

Biomechanical comparison of five posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction techniques, published in the Journal of Knee Surgery

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Snapping Triceps Syndrome

The ulnar nerve is released from the cubital tunnel and repositioned anteriorly

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Shoulder Dystocia

Complication during labor in which the baby’s shoulder becomes caught on the mother’s pelvis

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Study of PRP in Rotator Cuff Healing

Orientation, surgical implantation, and completed repair of the cancellous sponge in the canine model

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