The Anesthesiology training program at the MU has a long history of educating medical students and residents in Mid-Missouri. Our alumni have successful careers as academic and private practice anesthesiologists throughout the country.

Student Opportunities

Our Anesthesia Interest Group has a number of planned activities throughout the year including: shadowing opportunities for M1 and M2 students, an intubation lab, difficult airway lab, central line lab, critical event simulation and research opportunities. It also provides assistance in applying for residency.

As an introductory rotation for third year medical students, you can choose to rotate with the Department of Anesthesiology for one week. We also offer an additional two-week elective anesthesiology rotation during the third year of medical school.

Fourth year medical students may enroll in a four-week elective in anesthesiology which provides a more in-depth experience. The fourth year rotation may be available to visiting students based on availability. Interested students should apply through the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Research rotations are also available through our department. Contact Beth Shepard at 573-884-3466 with any questions.

Transition to Residency

Our residency training program has maintained full accreditation since its inception approximately 45 years ago. The goal of this department is to teach young physicians to become consultant physicians in anesthesiology and encourage medical students to consider anesthesiology as a career in medicine. We have up to 15 clinical anesthesia residents (PGY2 through PGY4) plus three Clinical Base Year (Intern/PGY1) each year. Residents may enter the program at either the PGY1 (intern) or PGY2 (CA1) levels.

We also offer one Integrated Residency position for University of Missouri School of Medicine medical students. Those interested in applying for this opportunity should contact Beth Shepard at 573-884-3466.