The Mizzou Sleep Research Lab directed by Christina McCrae, PhD, is part of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Mission Statement

The Mizzou Sleep Research Lab investigates the mechanisms underlying normal and pathological sleep, the link between sleep and cognition, the daily variability inherent in sleep and sleep-related behaviors and the efficacy and effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral interventions to treat insomnia in diverse populations.

The lab is dedicated to finding ways to advance equity in behavioral sleep medicine and actively works to reduce disparities by race and ethnicity, geographic location, disability, and socioeconomic status both through research, as well as through dissemination of information and strategies within disproportionately impacted communities.

Current Research Projects - Participants Wanted

Sleep and Pain Intervention for Women (SPIN-II)

If you are a female with frequent aches, pains & trouble sleeping, you may be eligible for a research study that is testing a drug-free sleep and pain treatment at the Mizzou Sleep Research Lab (University of Missouri-Columbia). (Identifier): NCT03744156.

Better Rest for Children with Autism (RECHArge)

If you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has trouble sleeping, you and your child may be eligible to participate in a research study that is testing sleep treatments at the Thompson Center (Columbia, MO). (Identifier): NCT03744156.

Teen Sleep Pain Alcohol Risk Cognition and COVID-19 (TeenSPARCC)

If you are a parent of a teen aged 13-18 years, you and your teen may be eligible for a new online research study at Mizzou Sleep Research Lab (University of Missouri-Columbia, MO).

We are also currently recruiting participants for other research projects including web-based behavioral interventions, virtual reality, and more! Our research studies offer monetary compensation for your time and effort and involve minimal in-person contact.