The charge of the Precision Medicine Forum (PMF) is to facilitate the formulation, launch and support of significant multidisciplinary collaborative clinical research projects and eventually research programs whose objective is to improve human health care and outcomes.

These projects are likely to require EMR data, require a level of analytics, biostatistics, and data science/informatics, and might encompass a translational component innovating within the clinical workflow. These PMF research projects and programs distinguish themselves from project “tasks” because they include the objectives of manuscripts submitted for publication and grant proposals submitted for funding by University of Missouri investigators.

As such, this collaboration constitutes a significant resource for MU researchers. Because Since projects are defined, supported and engaged with specific academic productivity in mind, those who participate will benefit not only through their desire to improve health care and patient outcomes but also in their academic and related career objectives.

Lead: Danny Myers, PhD

How to participate: Email Danny Myers with problem/inquiry.

Schedule: 1-3 p.m. first and third Wednesday, CBMI MA215 or via Zoom