Role of Committee:

  • Review and approve repository policies and changes to the repository program.
  • Provide guidance for the development of the repository and advise the Dean’s Office with regard to resource needs.
  • If there is an abundance of tissue, insufficient resources for storage, or concern over sample viability, the DAC will work with the BSC and the repository staff to recommend removal of specimens based on years in storage or addition of storage equipment or facilities.
  • Determine the Fee schedule which currently is tiered based on SOM, Rest of Campus, External to Campus, and Legal work. The goal is to provide tissue and testing for SOM and later the campus for a 10-20% profit. If the Biorepository becomes a Core, then the fee schedule would be determined by Campus.
  • The DAC will prioritize the use of resources and resolve conflicts as follows:


Photo of Dr. Jussuf Kaifi

Jussuf Kaifi, MD, PhD


Photo of Dr. Danny Schust

Danny Schust, MD


Photo of Dr. Luis Martinez-Lemus

Luis Martinez-Lemus, DVM, PhD

Medical Pharmacology and Physiology

Photo of Dr. Jeff Bryan

Jeff Bryan

Vet Med

Photo of Dr. William Fay

William Fay, MD

Ad Hoc Member

Photo of Dr. David Pittman

David Pittman, MD

Ad Hoc Member