Salisbury Accepted into Bryant Scholars Program

Shelby Salisbury, TLRO undergraduate

Shelby Salisbury, TLRO undergraduate, was accepted into the Lester R. Bryant Scholars Pre-Admissions Program. The program encourages young people from rural backgrounds to pursue a medical education. Students accepted into the program are offered acceptance into the MU School of Medicine on the condition that they achieve certain academic standards, demonstrate ongoing professionalism, and participate in required activities.

Salisbury grew up in Centralia, MO—a small town about 20 miles north of Columbia. She found her interest in medicine while taking science coursework during her Freshman year at a community college. She transferred to Mizzou as a biochemistry major and started working in hospitals, shadowing doctors, and collaborating in research through the TLRO. “It was really a combination of learning a lot and always engaging with patients that made me realize this was something I want to do for my whole life. My biggest inspiration is my mom who is a Nurse Practitioner here in Columbia. Seeing her success and fulfillment in caring for others is a huge motivation to work hard and do the best I can to help others!”

Salisbury has worked in the TLRO since January 2019. She is grateful to learn from other students in the lab and feels her experience in the TLRO has broadened her education and provided experience that will be helpful in her future career. “There was a time I never thought becoming a doctor was within my reach, this just goes to show if you have a true passion and are willing to work hard enough that you can accomplish anything. I'm so excited for the future and I'm so grateful for Dr. Stoker and all the other individuals that work to keep the lab going who have helped out students like me along our journey!”

Congratulations, Shelby!