Trupti Joshi, PhD

Trupti Joshi, PhD

Biomedical Informatics, Biostatistics and Medical Epidemiology (BBME)

Trupti Joshi, MBBS, ADB, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of Translational Bioinformatics



Bioinformatics scientist Dr. Trupti Joshi puts resources into the hands of fellow researchers at the University of Missouri — and beyond.

Joshi’s expertise is in the area of bioinformatics — collecting and analyzing complex biological data such as genomic codes — and its applications to biology and medicine. She has rigorous interdisciplinary training, with degrees in bioinformatics and clinical medicine. As director of translational bioinformatics with the School of Medicine’s Medical Research Office, Joshi leads and coordinates collaborations with clinicians and research faculty. Together, they work to advance personally customized healthcare tailored to individual patients through innovations in information technologies.

Among her successes, Joshi was part of an international team that successfully mapped the genome of the soybean, a huge undertaking that generated a large amount of valuable genomic data. She was also lead designer and developer of the Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a comprehensive web resource that allows useful access to a growing body of genomic data generated by scientists from all over the world. Today, more than 1,000 researchers access SoyKB each month.

Dr. Trupti Joshi is an assistant research professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology in the School of Medicine and the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering and a core faculty member in the MU Informatics Institute.

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Academic Information

Trupti Joshi, MBBS, ADB, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of Translational Bioinformatics


NW502 Med Sci Bldg
1 Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65212
United States

P. 573-884-5963

Research Interests

  • Translational Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology
  • Precision Medicine
  • Genomics and Multi‐Omics Data Integration
  • Database Frameworks and Bioinformatics Software Development

Areas of Expertise

  • Application of translational bioinformatics techniques towards advances in Precision Medicine, Precision Agriculture and One Health
  • Development of knowledge bases for genomics and multi‐omics data integration platforms
  • Development of computational methodologies and data analysis pipelines using HPC resources and hybrid cloud
  • Development of IMPRes algorithm and tool for in silico hypothesis generation using multiomics data
  • Biomarker identification
  • Genotype to phenotype inferences

Education & Training


MS, University of Tennessee
PhD, University of Missouri


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  • Y. Jiang, D. Wang, D. Xu and T. Joshi. Integrating Gene Expression Data and Pathway Knowledge for In Silico Hypothesis Generation with IMPRes. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Madrid, Spain, 2018, pp. 102-107. doi:10.1109/BIBM.2018.8621465.
  • S. Zeng, Z. Lyu, S. R. Narisetti, D. Xu and T. Joshi. Knowledge Base Commons (KBCommons) v1.0: A multi OMICS' web-based data integration framework for biological discoveries. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Madrid, Spain, 2018, pp. 589-594. doi:10.1109/BIBM.2018.8621369.
  • S. Akter, D. Xu, S. C. Nagel, and T. Joshi. A Data Mining Approach for Biomarker Discovery Using Transcriptomics in Endometriosis. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Madrid, Spain, 2018, pp. 969-972. doi:10.1109/BIBM.2018.8621150
  • Yuanxun Zhang, Calyam Prasad, Trupti Joshi, Satish Nair, Dong Xu. Domain-specific Topic Model for Knowledge Discovery in Computational and Data Intensive Scientific Communities. 2018. BigData’18. 4886-4895. 10.1109/BigData.2018.8622309.
  • Hans Chetan, Sharma Neekun, Sen Sidharth, Zeng Shuai, Dev Rishabh, Jiang Yuexu, Mahajan Advitiya, Joshi Trupti. Transcriptomics Analysis Reveals New Insights into the Roles of Notch1 Signaling on Macrophage Polarization. Scientific Reports. 2019. In Press.
  • Miranda Carrie, Culp Carolyn, Skrabisova Maria, Joshi Trupti, Belzile François, Grant David, Bilyeu Kristin. Molecular Tools for Detecting Pdh1 Can Improve Soybean Breeding Efficiency by Reducing Yield Losses Due to Pod Shatter. Mol Breeding (2019) 39: 27.
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  • Boerman Erika, Sen Sidharth, Shaw Rebecca, Joshi Trupti, Segal Steven. Expression and Bioinformatics Analysis of Ion Channel and Receptor Genes in Mouse Resistance Arteries: Effects of Cell Type, Vessel Type and Biological Age. Microcirculation. 2018 May;25(4):e12452. doi: 10.1111/micc.12452.
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  • Qi Zhao, Yuanning Liu, Ning Zhang, Menghan Hu, Hao Zhang, Trupti Joshi, Dong Xu. Evidence for plant-derived xenomiRs based on a large-scale analysis of public small RNA sequencing data from human samples. PLOS ONE 2017. 13(6): e0187519.
  • Duolin Wang, Shuai Zeng, Chunhui Xu, Wangren Qiu, Yanchun Liang, Trupti Joshi, Dong Xu. MusiteDeep: a Deep-learning Framework for General and Kinase-specific Phosphorylation Site Prediction. Bioinformatics. 2017 Dec 15;33(24):3909-3916. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btx496.
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