Kevin Everett, PhD

Kevin Everett, PhD Associate Professor  Margaret Proctor Mulligan Scholar Office: 573-882-2190

Family and Community Medicine

Associate Professor
Margaret Proctor Mulligan Scholar



Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disability in Missouri and the United States. Every year it kills nearly six million people worldwide.

KEVIN EVERETT’S work is focused on making it harder for youth to start – and easier for people to quit – using tobacco. He also wants to eliminate the population’s exposure to the toxic chemicals produced by tobacco use. His projects have included organizing youth leadership programs designed to prevent tobacco use, developing innovative treatments to help people quit smoking, and supporting coalition-building approaches to creating healthier, smoke-free environments in the workplace. Dr. Everett is particularly interested in identifying “teachable moments.” These moments happen when patients – in the presence of a healthcare professional – have increased motivation for change. He wants to capitalize on these opportunities by providing patients effective strategies to help them stop using tobacco.

Academic Information

Associate Professor
Margaret Proctor Mulligan Scholar


One Hospital Drive
MA306 Medical Sciences Building, DC032.00
Columbia, MO 65212
United States

P. 573-882-2190

Research Interests

  • Tobacco Issues

Education & Training


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brown University, Providence, RI

Post-Graduate School

PhD: Psychology, Louisiana State University

Awards & Honors


Dorsett L. Spurgeon, MD, Distinguished Medical Research Award

University of Missouri School of Medicine


For a complete publication list, see: My Bibliography (NCBI Collections)


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