Illhoi Yoo, PhD


Dr. Illhoi Yoo strives to advance the use of technology to enhance health care.

Yoo works at the intersection of health care and information technology. Interests include mobile Health (mHealth) and the use of data mining (sorting through large datasets to identify patterns) in health care. Additionally, he works to improve search accuracy by understanding context and searcher intent, known as semantic information retrieval.

Currently, Yoo is principal investigator and works with MU Health Care physicians on a grant-funded project titled “Acute and Chronic Pain Management Using a Mobile Pain Monitoring System (mPMS).” He addresses patients’ pain problems through participation in pain management using mobile technologies, which can enable patients to effectively participate in their pain management. Yoo will perform pilot trials for patients with acute or chronic pain using the mPMS.

Yoo’s findings have appeared in numerous publications including the Journal of Medical Internet Research and BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making. In the last decade, his articles have been cited more than 1,360 times. Yoo is an editorial board member for an international journal and for 10 years has organized and chaired an international workshop. He teaches courses on data mining for health care and medical vocabularies.

Dr. Illhoi Yoo is an associate professor of health management and informatics in the School of Medicine and a member of the MU Informatics Institute.

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Academic Information

Associate Professor
P. 573-882-7642

Research Interests

  • Pain and addiction management using mobile technologies
  • Prediction of hospital readmission using data mining
  • Patient satisfaction

Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile health (mHealth)
  • Healthcare data and text mining
  • Biomedical and health ontologies
  • Health information retrieval systems (PubMed)

Education & Training

Post-Graduate School

PhD, Drexel University